Sailing Edition Volvo Ocean Race

Made with recycled fishing nets & recycled carbon fibre. Paired with Zeiss polycarbonate lenses in colour copper available as polarised and non-polarised. Anti-corrosion stainless steel hinges and rubber temple tips for maximum adherence. Co-developed with and worn by professional sailors on the Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018. True balance between sustainability and performance!

We work exclusively with official Carl Zeiss lenses, offering 100% protection for UVA/UVB radiation, maximum clarity & optimum protection for your eyes.

Karün Lens Guide Karün Lens Guide

What’s the difference between polarized & non polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses counteract glare, providing a more focused vision.

Vision in bright sunlight is perceived as considerably more relaxing and less fatiguing.


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