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To propose a vision, we must first define who we are, what we stand for and how we see the world.


This is not about creating the best products. This is certainly not about creating new stuff. This is about true innovation.

The magic behind

Focused on creating the highest quality eyewear based on beauty and respect for nature and its inhabitants.

Karün_Video Link_High Quality, Made Differently

High Quality, Made Differently

We want to change our concept of what material resource is by turning waste into high quality eyewear.

Karün_Video Image Link_Origins


Nothing can be compared, to the wonders of our origin.

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Eyewear made with timeless craft in harmony with nature.

Karün_Video Link_Sailing Edition

Sailing Edition Video

Developed together with professional sailors of the Volvo Ocean Race. True balance between sustainability and performance.

Karün_Video Link_7 Seas

7 Seas Collection

Released as Ocean Collection in partnership with Bureo, now reborn as 7 Seas Collection turning old fishing nets into high quality eyewear.

Karün_Video Link_Clothing Collection

Clothing Collection

Turning waste from the fast fashion industry into iconic pieces of eyewear, illuminating the issue of modern consumerism.

Patagonia Edition

Unique eyewear made with timeless craft using natural and noble materials from the end of the world. Old collection not for sale.