At Karun we look at the world with different eyes. Standing at the top of the planet, far from all else, enables us to see differently. To view with the eyes of a majestic nature that in these coordinates presents itself in its original state.

We see things differently. We value pre-Hispanic cultures and their legacy – aboriginal people who, as opposed to those who nowadays control the system, have had the wisdom to live in harmony, respectful of their biodiversity.

We are the new inhabitants of this earth, who care for the environment and the

human being. Inhabitants who believe that to have an entrepreneurial spirit, to set a brand, to build trends, it is not necessary to lose one’s humanity or capacity to dream. We are those who know no borders, and at the same time take pride in their native territory.

In Karün we believe in our youth and in our elders, in the world around us, the earth and its forests, in sustainability, fair trade, respect, equality and, above all, beauty of things.

To become nature is in the language of the earth: Karün.


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inspired by nature

Our design Philosophy is not based on inventing new stuff, but in observing and learning from our planet.
Nature is the greatest teacher and inventor.

Our design perspective unites the love of nature with our deep interest in generating a tangible change as a way to respond to the problems we have as a society. Our designs are of simple but attractive lines and are designed to be used in various environments, always using reclaimed, natural and noble materials, so that they enhance the experience when used in outdoor activities.


We know we are not perfect, but we want to make sure that we contribute as much as we can in everything we do.
We work locally with what nature has to offer and with what we humans have discarded.

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recycled fishing nets

Every minute a fully loaded garbage truck is dumped into the ocean. If no action is taken, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. (World Economic Forum) By reusing old fishing nets and turning them into high quality eyewear we are proving that it is possible to change our point of view on what waste is and what it can become, while helping to prevent these contaminating plastics from entering our oceans.


We use wood from old constructions and/or wind fallen native Chilean oak trees to carefully craft our wood collection. Old wood is replacing the use of virgin plastic.
*We know that the soil in the forests needs wood, leaves and other organic matter in order to keep its balance and the healthiness of the forest. Sunglasses take a very low volume to produce and our wood collection is limited to few units, so we make sure not to become a problem for the forest as well.


Changing the way the production processes in hard goods work is not an easy task. We are committed to substantially change the way businesses operate in every aspect of the business, yet we are conscious that it is an ongoing process in which we need to advance step by step. We know we are not perfect and there is still much to improve, but we are making sure we are being as responsible as it is possible in every step of our production process.



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Each of our frames has a positive impact on the environment and on local communities. Our products are directly contributing to protecting the environment by turning reclaimed, natural and noble materials into positive products and into a source of income for micro-entrepreneurs in Patagonia, so they can scale their sustainable businesses and create economic opportunities that can empower their own communities.

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a great team

We don't consider ourselves to be just a company.
Companies are nothing more than the sum of the people in it and the common dream they share.
Everything we do is a reflection of the dream of a great group of people sharing similar values and way of life. We are working as hard as we can to prove through example that we can change the way we interact with ourselves and our planet. Love is what guides us in every decision and we are committed to work through collaboration, empathy and transparency in everything we do.

We invite you to look at the world from a different point of view

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