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Karün Europe Lodge in Sweden!

Karün Europe Lodge in Sweden!

We are very happy to finally announce Karün’s new European Lodge! It’s in a small town called Fjällnäs, in Sweden, an exclusive sanctuary where you can experience continual, dramatic changes of nature. When Fjällnäs’s first visitors arrived more than 130 years ago, they were attracted by the pure, unspoiled, beauty – and this is still the same today.



This lodge used to be rented out to tourists, as it's in a famous skiing area, surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes, which are frozen around 7 months of the year. Only 200m away from the lodge is Sweden’s oldest mountain hotel, the area is very well known because it has been ranked as one of “the top 10 places to visit on earth” in different magazines like “Authentic Hotels” or “Visit Norway”.


Since December, the mountain hotel is used as Karün Lodge and we have been creating an exposition room so when Karün friends come and stay, they can learn more about the story behind the brand and understand much better where we came from, as well as see and try all of our collections.

Our Community Manager, Lucia Nebreda, lives most of the time in the lodge and uses it as a platform to bring together different people from different environment (skiers, adventurers, sustainable company employees, Volvo Ocean Race sailors and more) to help grow the Karün community, to network and to have a good time in nature.


At Karün, we love to be surrounded by people who loves adventures, nature and spending time outside. We also love to gather people from different backgrounds and talk about what moves us in life, what our passions are and to exchange ideas of how we can help make a better world of our own.  And this is the whole point of the lodge!

We also know we are different, so we don’t want to have a normal office in a city. We want something far away from contamination, far away from traffic noises and busy train stations. We want to be based in Europe somewhere similar to where we are from, Patagonia.

That’s why we decided to make this lodge Karün’s European base, as the air is pure and the snows’ crunching noise in the silence of the mountains makes it a perfect environment to really connect with nature.

Photographer: emrikjanssonphotography

Stay tuned via our Instagram, as we will be sharing all of our workshops, adventures and stories with all the different people that will be visiting us!


Whenever you are in this region, we invite you to visit our lodge, learn about our vision & history and to start looking at the world from a different point of view ... do not miss it, we are waiting for you!


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