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11th Hour Racing Team ♡ Karün

11th Hour co-developed Karün sunglasses


During the last Volvo Ocean Race, we joined forces with 11th Hour Racing Team, and now we’re happy to announce that our partnership will continue on to the next race. Our mutual understanding of the importance of the wellbeing of the oceans, hence planet, along with the shared passion for nature and the willpower to make a difference are all foundations for this extraordinary collaboration. 


Founded by sailors Charlie Enright and Mark Towill, the team is built upon the love for oceans and the motivation to make them thrive again. They are using their passion for the sport as a platform to spread their message; a message based upon leadership, collaboration, legacy and innovation. While sailing the world’s oceans, 11th Hour Racing Team advocates for climate action within the industry, encourages stakeholders to create sustainable solutions, and promotes a shift in the marine industry. 

11th Hour Racing Team sailing boat


As mentioned above, this coming partnership is a volume 2.0 partnership, since a lot of good stuff came out of the last one. For example: our Sailing Edition sunglasses are a direct result from the collab during the Volvo Ocean Race in 2017-18. Throughout the previous race, Mark and Charlie helped us develop and improve the model into high-performance sailing sunglasses, designed to withstand hasty actions and lots of wind, sun coming in from all directions and sprays from the saltwater. Additionally, the collection is made out of recycled fishing nets and recycled carbon fibre, taken from masts of old boats, to add more resistance to the material. Hence, our one-of-a-kind sport sunglasses wouldn’t have been nearly as good if it wasn’t for the help from our good friends at 11th Hour Racing Team. Who knows what could come out of the next race?


We’re both on a journey (well they are literally on a journey) and we believe that the real power to change comes from collaboration. That’s why we hope this will bring opportunities to spread our mutual sustainability message further and inspire climate action amongst people, businesses and world leaders. 

And hey team, it wouldn’t hurt if you guys knocked the Ocean Race 2021-22 out of the ballpark. ;)

“The ocean connects us all. We only thrive if the oceans thrive.” - 11th Hour Racing Team co-founder Charlie Enright

Karün Sailing Edition sunglasses on team rider

Get inspired! Take the example of 11th Hour Racing Team and try to work for one or more of the following challenges in your everyday life: 

  • Being advocates for the ocean
  • Driving towards zero waste
  • Refusing single-use plastics
  • Being water neutral
  • Going climate positive
  • Creating positive social impact
Want to hear more about this collaboration, 11th Hour Racing Tem or anything at all really? Don't hesitate to contact us (, or to give 11th Hour's homepage a look!

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